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Welcome to image editing course!

What software will we be using?

If you’re just starting out you needn’t spend a penny – We’ll be using GIMP to cover all five of the above topics.

Even friendlier for beginners, Corel PaintShop Pro offers a gentle learning curve and lots of built-in ‘extras’. Grab a 30 day demo now if you’d like to play along. This software offers one-time pricing after the demo expires, with regular discounting.

Photoshop needs no introduction. We’ll also be covering all the beginner workflows above using this industry-standard software. Again, if you’re a brand new user you can get a free demo.

Photoshop is part of Adobe’s subscription ‘Photography plan’, which is around 10 pounds a month in the UK and 10 dollars a month in the US at time of writing. It’s also part of the wider ‘Creative Cloud’ suite of applications, for which a subscription runs to around 50 pounds / dollars a month.

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